Surf City Enrichment

Surf City Enrichment is a group of instructors that have come together to provide a wide range of elective classes for K-8 students, such as foreign language, performing arts, hand art, art, and science.

All of our Enrichment/Elective classes are a la carte.

Surf City Enrichment Staff

Anabel Avengno - Spanish

​Taught by Maestra Anabel, we have classes available for our most basic learner to the advanced student. Maestra has created a Spanish class as an exploration of Hispanic culture around the world and introduction of the Spanish language as it is commonly spoken in Mexico. Experience the food and life-style of Hispanic culture while learning the language.

Jenni Luu - Hand Arts

Crochet, Sewing, Fashion Design, oh my! Miss Jenni is our resident Hand Arts expert. She teaches from beginner to advanced students and they have a great time doing it. Whether they are crocheting a beloved amigurumi pet or learning to sew, she is there to guide your student.

JoLynn Jones - Performing Arts

I have a very diverse amount of experience in entertainment. I am a member of the Screen Actors Guild, studied theater at USC and also studied in Hollywood with Stella Adler, TVI and VanMar Academy. I've worked on movies, TV shows and commercials. I have been the creative director of the theater department at a performing arts academy, taught acting, comedy, musical theater, audition skills and improv. Locally I work with kids and adults at various academies teaching comedy, acting and musical theater and directing, choreographing and musical directing. I am most proud of directing "Private Live" by Noel Coward and choreographing "Cabaret" in the style of Bob Fosse. ​

When not with my amazing students, I love to spend time with my fellow actor/singer husband (we met in the theatre), rock and roll playing/singing son and my two non-singing cats. We all love karaoke and doing shows together! ​